Oh What A Hoe

I'm Emma
Yeah And My Life...
Is Abit Bizzare


Lalaaaalaaa :D

Sat In It After School With My Gorgeous Con Con Whilst He Does Work :D

Had A Great Weekend, As It Was Richards 18th.. And Gonna Have An Amazing Weekend At Cons 16th BBQ.

Anywaysss… G’bye <3

I &lt;3 You Conor (:

I <3 You Conor (:

Blog Blog Blog

Welll (:

Some People Are Driving Me Insane No Name…*cough*JOSH*cough*

Ahahaa. Thats Not Who I Ment But Hey If It Annoys Him, Its Gotta Be Fun (:

Glad I Am Back With Con (: A Guy Who Isnt A Douchebag (MUCH) Like My Ex…

Urgh What Did I See In Him SERIOUSLY!! What Was I Thinking??!! He Has Managed To Make Me Fall Out With My Own Cousin. God He Is A Chinese Gimp Tbh.

Hmmm. What Else Can I Write About (:

Oh Yeh The Fact That Some People Are Such Gimps….Spesh A Ginger Emo *Laughs Histerically* And A Grease Monkey ;)

Anyways tataa For Now :D


Sat With Joshyy,Cassidyy && A Ginger/Niger Lesbian (:


Urgh Revision Sucks Balls :(

Ciao For Now ;D <3

Nom Nom Nom

Sat With Cass&&Ellie In Our Version Of PE :)

Sat Blogging And Listening To radio One Instead (Y)

Well I Have Had A Fantastic Weekend WithThe Girls And Shopping, Was Pretty Sexy Tbh. This Weekend Seems Like Its Gonna Be Peretttyy Sexyy Tbh. <3 


Well Well Well, I Better Blog Before Ellie Kicks My Arse (:

Had A Pretty Sexy day Back At School, Seen All My Besties, And Had A Good Old Chat, And Lots Of Big Big Hugs…

Also Found out I Only Haeve 3 Weeks To Learn To Spanish Topics - Oops. Ah well better Than having To Learn 6 ;) <3

True love is a state of timelessness, loss of ego, surrender, defenselessness and vulnerability.

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Hmm.  God I Wish Life Was So Much Simpler, I Really Wish I Could Shut Them Out Of My Life, So Then Maybe My Head Wont Be So Facked :/

i smell

Hacked Already :(

Ellie You Smell :P <3 


Yum, Had A Fair Good Week Tbh So Far ;D Some Peoples Annoying Me A Little But .. Yeah. First Blog Pretty Sexyyy Tbhh <3